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Netatmo is a French company established in 2011. Since that time Netatmo has seriously expanded the range of its products and continues to develop new devices. Netatmo is designed to make your home smart. Netatmo home security cameras are able to recognize people and send quick notifications. Netatmo Thermostat helps to save on heating. Netatmo Weather Station and other products serve to improve the quality of life.


Gamevice creates the best game controllers for Apple tablets and smartphones. iPhone and iPad are so powerful devices so they have become a full-fledged replacement for portable game consoles. But playing mobile games using touch controls sometimes is not so simple. That is why Gamevice developed their own controllers. With their help iPhone or iPad turns into a real game console.

Remix Mini

Chinese company Jide was founded by former Google employees who managed to develop a unique and affordable product - a full-fledged personal computer based on Android. Remix Mini is a very small and compact device that has all the necessary interfaces for connecting a monitor, keyboard and computer mouse. Using Remix Mini you can create the most friendly working environment.


Veho produces a fairly wide range of consumer electronics, which is successfully divided into several mini brands. These include MUVI™ camcorders, MIMI™ WiFi speakers, Pebble™ portable batteries, 360° portable audio systems, SAEM™ mobile accessories and other great electronics.


Moov has created innovative bracelets for fitness, which not only tracks your activity, but provides personalised training. A special application for bracelets Moov Now contains a large number of training programs, and the bracelet helps to track the correctness of the technique of doing exercises.


Russian brand Handwers creates unique accessories for Apple appliances, as well as everyday accessories for life. Covers for iPhone and Macbook, document holders, wallets, bags and much more are made with care about the things that we carry with us every day. Handwers accessories are made from natural materials and embroidered by hand.

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