Netatmo Welcome

Indoor security camera Netatmo Welcome

Welcome does home security better thanks to revolutionary face recognition technology. It sends an immediate alert if an intruder has been detected in your home, complete with a picture of their face and a video recording.

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Smart thermostat Netatmo

Use your Netatmo Thermostat to change your home's temperature, from your bed or from the other side of the world. Schedule your heating for your return from a holiday.

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Netatmo Thermostat
Netatmo Presence

Outdoor security camera Netatmo Presence

Presence detects and reports in real-time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard. Detects the presence of a person, car or animal.

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Netatmo Weather station

Discover your environment. The Weather Station's Outdoor Module gives you real-time weather information that matters: gathered right at your doorstep. Indoor Module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital information, alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels.

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Netatmo Weather
Netatmo Home Coach

Healthy home coach

You want to provide the healthiest home possible for your family. Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach shows you how. Whether it’s the best noise level for sound sleeping or the right humidity levels for a child with asthma, Healthy Home Coach measures what matters, highlights potential problems, and tells you how to fix them.

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Where to buy?Official resellers in Kazakhstan

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Become a Reseller

Whether you are a big retailer or just a newbie to consumer electronics market and want to enlarge your offer, you are at the right place. Fill in a Reseller Form and our managers will contact you shortly.

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