Fitness bracelet Moov Now

Moov Now

Exercise with Audio Guidance

The Moov app guides you while you workout based on your movement or heart rate in real time.

Simply follow the coach, you don't have to think.

Running, Cycling, Swimming, Circuit Training and Boxing

Exercise at your own level and choose from variety of indoor and outdoor guided workout programs.

Or work out your own way with the Open Tracking mode.

Circuit Training Circuit Training
Running Running
Cycling Cycling
Swimming Swimming
Cardio Boxing Cardio Boxing
Treadmill Run Treadmill Run
Indoor Cycling Indoor Cycling
Open Tracking Open Tracking

It's not that you exercise, it's how you exercise.

Form Matters with Moov Now

Form Matters

Continuously monitoring your form will minimize chance of injury while pushing your limits.

Interval Works

Interval Works

Interval training lets you push yourself hard and recover, leading to faster results.

Level Up

Level Up

Moov offers levels that gradually increase in intensity. Over time you will see significant improvement.

Spice It Up with Moov Now

Spice It Up

As your body gets used to the same workouts, it burns fewer calories. Moov's variety keeps you away from plateau.

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