Handwers accessories

Handwers is a russian brand of accessories. Handwers was the first company in Russia to produce leather goods of this kind and since 2009 it is considered to be the best in the market. All the range of accessories designed by the talented team and made by hand in Moscow.

Handwers сovers
Handwers wallet runch

Ranch Wallet Case for iPhone from Handwers

This item fuses together two things that anyone living in the modern world needs: a wallet and cell phone protective case. You can slip your iPhone into it, put a bit of cash inside, several credit cards, and then simply clutch it safe.

Portside Case for iPhone

A horizontal protective case for iPhone with a pocket for credit cards. Try looking at a common accessories item from a completely different angle. This protective case will also let you use your earplugs without taking the phone out.

Case for iPhone Portside
Case for iPhone Hike Plus

Hike Plus Case for iPhone from Handwers

Hike is one of the most thin Handwers cases fitted with a pocket. It allows to keep several credit cards or a bit of cash. It made of natural leather and felt by hand.

Handwers cases

Bering Folder for notebooks

This universal folder has been created so that you can comfortably carry various laptops. You can also put a sketchbook, documents, tablet, and other things that you need into it. It’s made of quality genuine leather on the outside and a thin layer of felt on the inside. A plastic zip will ensure that your belongings are safe and won’t scratch anything.

Cover for laptops Bering
Cover for iPad Hike

Hike Case for iPad

If you can’t stand seeing out-of-place things near your device and want to retain its original look, then this protective case has been made especially for your iPad. Warm and nice to the touch leather surface on the outside and a thin layer of soft felt on the inside will become a perfect fit for your iPad.

Handwers for laptops
Hanker Wallet

Hanker Wallet

This wallet has a large compartment for bills that perfectly blends with a small pocket for coins and two compartments for credit cards. Magnets hidden under the layer of material help to keep it closed. You can put rubles, US dollars, or euros into it.

Sentry Document Holder

This document holder is ideal for everyday use. You can put all necessary things into it without much hassle: your ID, car documents, credit cards, cash, and even a small notebook. And then simply clutch it.

Sentry Document Holder view
Dome key case

Dome Key Holder

Handy leather Key Holder available in two sizes. Clip on a cord will help prevent falling contents, and the cord itself can be used to fasten the Key Holder on a bag or belt.

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